The farmhouse



Copse Gate Farm is a contemporary farmhouse, finished to the highest standards, and designed around the fabulous location, our relaxed and welcoming lifestyle, and our desire to minimise the house's on-going impact on the environment.


* large windows maximize passive solar gain and natural light - combined with hight levels of insulation the house is cool in summer and warm and snug in winter


* a ground source heat pump powers the underfloor heating and hot water, and the woodburning Rayburn also heats water


* rainwater off the roofs supplies the animals' drinking water, the washing machine, flushes the loos and waters the polytunnel


* trees felled to clear the site and to lay the farm's hedges feed the two woodburning stoves, and the bigger timber was used in the house to make worktops, doors, floors and furniture


* we aim to make the smallholding carbon-neutral, so we've installed a 10 kWp PV array on the roof of the cow shed and four years ago planted 1,700 trees in a 4 acre mixed broadleaf woodland


Our smallholding


Starting with a few hens our livestock now includes a small "suckler" herd of pedigree Red Devon cows and calves (and Rocky, the bull!), Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, an assortment of traditional varieties of hens, and a goose called Chris (it’s a long story!). We can usually offer sausages, bacon, gammon and black pudding made by us from our pigs, and eggs from our hens. Fresh produce is supplied (as far as possible) from our fruit and vegetable garden and polytunnel.


You're welcome to make use of the wide open spaces on the farm, and Simon would be happy to show you round our fields, ponds, laid hedges and newly-planted 4 acre wood.

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Luxury farmhouse B&B in beautiful West Dorset