Sausage-making courses

How about a hands-on course on how to make "proper" traditional sausages?! The course is for four people and lasts half a day - experience the whole process from start to finish, and get as involved as you want to be! At the end of the course each group of four will take away 10 kg - that's twenty packs - of tip-top quality sausages, freshly-made to recipes of your choosing.


* start around 9:30-ish with coffee and biscuits, and a chat through the basics of pig-rearing, which bits go where and how they are used in other pork products and charcuterie

* first step is to mince the pork using our commercial mincer (people seem to get a great deal of satisfaction from this part, for some reason!)


* we'll then create two sausage mixes - the choice of ingredients is up to you, but we suggest a combination of our Breakfast Banger and a "French" style sausage (with lots of red wine and garlic)

* this uses two different techniques and two different sets of ingredients, and gives two totally different, and equally delicious, sausages. The mixes will, of course, need tasting!

* if your course is in the run-up to Xmas we can also make some chipolatas or sausagemeat to go with your Christmas dinner


* then the fun bit! You'll stuff the sausage casings and learn the famous "three sausage twist" - impossible to describe in words, but dead easy (and very satisfying) when you get the hang of it

* you'll then vac-pack the sausages and slap on some labels that we will have already printed up for you. Job done - and time for a coffee (or something a bit stronger - it'll be between 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock, after all!) and a chance to look back on the morning.


The half day course is for four people, minimum 12 years old. It costs £75 per person and will give you 10 kg of sausages to take away between you - these will have been packed and labeled to commercial standards and will keep for weeks in a fridge or for up to six months in a freezer.


Here's an idea ....

Make your course part of a two night stay - for a group of four people we can offer two nights' B&B plus the half day sausage-making course (which includes 10kg of sausages) for a total price of £700. What a smashing idea for a present, or for a fun weekend away for you and some friends!


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